Our Philosophy

Understanding Agents

The truth is the barrier to entry for a real estate career is very low. Over 65% of local agents in our local market had 0 sales in the previous calendar year. Therefore it is important to choose a realtor who holds themselves to a higher standard.    For most a home purchase or sale will be the largest financial transaction they will make in their entire lifetime. We are keenly aware of this fact and insist the process is met with the same level of importance. With an average of 40-50 home sales a year we are consistently ranked in the top 1% of agents locally and nationally.  We promise to deliver the absolute pinnacle of service.  Please review our resumes and our reviews to prove to you we will meet and exceed your expectations. 

Personal Engagement

We also believe in personally being in communication with our clients.  As a client you have spent valuable time researching who to choose as your agent and your research should pay off.  We commit to personally servicing our clients needs instead of farming off leads to teammates or assistants.  When you call, we will answer.  We understand how important your transaction is and commit to personally making sure your receive the service you expected and deserve.       


We pride ourselves on not only understanding the buying and selling processes but the markets that drives them.  We rely heavily on our backgrounds in economics to be able to navigate the complexities and nuances of the real estate world to ensure our clients have the best representation and opportunities to achieve their goals and dreams.  Whether helping sellers with our fine tuned marketing strategies or buyers making investment that realize maximum return, you can rest assured we have the expertise to streamline your purchase or sale.